Saturday, July 13, 2013

Word Building Strategy for Beginning Readers

Materials for this activity:
Letter cards
Real or Made Up Words chart

This strategy will help students develop the skills of segmenting and blending sounds, thus assisting them in read words. First, give the student two letter cards such as a  and t. Allow the child to build the word at. Then guide the student to add another letter to at. For example, ask the student “What word would we create if we added the letter m to the beginning of the word at?” --mat Then ask “ Is mat a real word or a made up/nonsense  word?” Have students record the word to the “Real or Nonsense Words” chart. Continue changing the beginning letter sound to allow the child practice building new words.
Possible words to create:
Read words
at             bat           cat           hat           sat           mat          fat
rat           nat           pat
Nonsense or Made Up words
tat           vat           wat          xat           lat            jat           gat
dat           yat           zat   

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